Sunday, April 19, 2009

Old-Fashioned Pitching

The Royals game on Saturday vs. the Rangers at Arlington was pure old-fashioned pitching. Both starters Zack Greinke and Kevin Millwood pitched gems. Both pitched complete games. Both pitched out of jams with Greinke surviving as the winner of a 2-0 match. Even Millwood survived catching a ground ball with his bare hand in a purely instinctive move. For a second, it looked like a Steve Busby vs. Noland Ryan type game where the pitchers purely dominated.

Greinke starts the year 3-0 pitching 20 scoreless innings. The consecutive scoreless streak dates back to last September at 34 innings. He went all the way pitching 111 pitches and still baffling the hitters up to the very last strike. All you had to do was look at the reaction of the Rangers hitters at the plate at the pitches that were thrown to them.

Greinke looked sharp. He was in control. He did not look pressured when runners were at 3rd with no outs. He pitched like he belonged in the majors. He pitched with confidence.

We are seeing something special unfold in April. Something we have not seen in a long time. The pitching is strong. The hitting is coming around. The defense is sharp. The Royals as a team are playing with confidence. They feel the have the chance to win every day they step on to the field. They finished September strong and are carrying that over into the new season.

Who knows how well they will finish. They are dealing with injury problems with Jose Guillen and Alex Gordon who both figured to be a big part of the offense this year. But right now we are seeing some of the best Royals baseball this early in the season that we have seen in years.

Now more than ever, KC fans should get out to The K, watch on TV, or listen on the radio and enjoy the game!


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