Sunday, April 26, 2009

CooKoo for Coco Crisp

The bats lit up for the Tigers as the bats for the Royals fell silent in a 9-1 loss Saturday night at The K. Royals pitcher Kyle Davies was roughed up early giving up 7 runs on 8 hits which included a pair of 2 run homers.

37,647 attended the game to mark capacity crowds for 2 successive nights. People lined up early at the gates to be one of the first 20,000 fans to get the number 40 jersey to tribute the Royals 40th anniversary season. It was orderly this year and there was not the chaos that happened last year when they had a similar powder blue jersey promotion.

We arrived at the gate D at 2pm and the line was back to the edge of the street as more arrived the line circled back towards the outfield gate and back around. The gates opened at 3pm and the fans filed in orderly and without incident as the jerseys were passed out.

The early gate opening allowed fans to get a good look at the stadium for those making their first visit to the newly renovated K. It is too bad that the Royals did not perform better in front of the big crowd.

New Royals centerfielder Coco Crisp has gained some fans in his new city as this banner was displayed before the game. Is a Coco Crisp growth poster promotion in the works touting the importance of a good breakfast which includes cereal and milk to start of the day right for youngsters? Stay tuned.


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