Friday, May 8, 2009

Royal Rush Hour

Thursday afternoon while driving home from work on southbound 435 from the Northland, I saw traffic growing and slowing going Northbound. I was puzzled as I did not see a wreck or construction that would cause the back up.

As I drove further south passing over the Missouri River, the 24 highway exit, Truman Road exit and finally the 23rd street exit the northbound traffic grew heavier and heavier. I then realized the reason for the enormous traffic going northbound as I started to see school bus after school bus loaded with children in the northbound lanes.

Over 32,000 attended the Thursday afternoon Royals game. Many of those probably children for School Day at the K. The Royals have held this event for several years but I don't recall a crowd this big. The resurgence of the Royals and the New K probably peaked interest for area schools to attend. The weather was great and there might have been a fair amount of walk ups from those taking off work early to see a game. For whatever reason, it is rather impressive to draw a near sell out for a day game in early May.

I am sure there were regular commuters who got caught in the traffic and probably wondered what was going on making them late. I hope that they eventually realized what the reason was. In a way it was a good thing and something to take note of that this town is rediscovering the Royals.

It probably won't be long that game traffic for night games will start to interfere with the normal evening rush hour. Yet another good sign of progress for our Kansas City Royals.


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